From Kaumberg to the alpine Hocheck

Alpine hike route from Kaumberg, Hauptplatz

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Elevation profile

16,30 km length

Tour dates
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Route: 16,30 km
  • Ascent: 975 egm
  • Descent: 977 egm
  • Duration: 6:30 h
  • Lowest point: 474 m
  • Highest point:1.035 m
  • Round tour
  • Nice views
  • With refreshment stops

Details for: From Kaumberg to the alpine Hocheck

Brief description

Kaumberg is the westernmost district in Triestingtal. It is situated close to the Gerichtsberg, which marks the border between Triestingtal and Gölsental. The difference between the rolling hills of the Vienna Woods and the foothills of the Alps is already clearly visible. To the north and east of the town of Kaumberg, shorter hikes through hilly landscapes are possible. These are marked on hiking maps of the Kaumberg district, and are referred to as the “Froschweg”, “Hahnweg”, “Burgweg”, “Hirschweg” and “Fuchsweg” routes. The ascent to the Hocheck (1,037 m above sea level) from Kaumberg – the easternmost 1000 m peak in the Lower Austrian alpine foothills – and the subsequent long hike over the 7 elevations on the ridge are physically challenging. This tour offers stunning views of the countryside both from the Meyringwarte lookout post at the summit of the Hocheck, and as you hike along the ridge. There is plenty to see in the town Kaumberg itself, including the barrel fountain in the main square (Hauptplatz), the Gothic parish church of St Michael, and the Heimatmuseum (local history museum). A particular highlight of the district, and a very popular day trip destination, are the Araburg Castle ruins, which can be spotted from afar.


This hike is challenging due to several small ascents, not to mention a steep ascent up the north face of the Hocheck. You start by hiking along the Hahnweg and the Froschweg paths, and over two hills (via “Lug ins Land”) to Höfnergraben.  Here you are surrounded by meadows and grazing land. Your destination – the Hocheck – is often in sight. The actual ascent begins once you have passed the fishponds. The route often allows you to gain altitude very quickly and steeply. It initially passes through a pine forest, and then through a beech forest. The final stretch of the route to the Hocheckschutzhaus and the lookout post is partly stony and lined with bizarre trees deformed by the wind. After a stop at the Hocheckschutzhaus and a visit to the lookout post (360° panorama), walk back along the same path until you reach the “über die sieben Hügel” (“seven hills”) route, which basically follows the ridge to the west. Following the blue signs (to Veiglkogel and Araburg) shortens this very long circular route, and leads back to Kaumberg more quickly.

Starting point of the tour

Kaumberg, Hauptplatz

Destination point of the tour

Kaumberg, Hauptplatz

Route description From Kaumberg to the alpine Hocheck

Between Marktplatz and Höfnergraben, the route is identical to the “Froschweg”path. After the Kirchenwirt hotel, opposite the local history museum, the route branches off to the left (panel: Lug ins Land – Höfnergraben, Hocheck-Schutzhaus, marked in red), along a narrow path that leads to the Laabach stream. Continue along the “promenade” next to the stream and into the valley. After a short climb up some steps to a service road, continue to the northern edge of the ski slope. Ascend further, passing through a beech forest and finally through the meadows to the “Lug ins Land”, which is 636 m above sea level. Red cross, resting bench. Keep to the left when walking through the meadows as you head downhill. You will soon come to a steep path to the right of the Hagerhof. The path to right of the Hagerhof leads to Steinbachtal.


Immediately opposite, an uphill road begins (marked in red, the “Froschweg”path). It leads around the edge of the forest, then through the meadows of the Sticklerhof farm, over a small hill (turning left next to a house) and along a meadow path. The descent into Höfnergraben is initially along a meadow path, and then a road (Höfnerhaus).


In Höfnergraben, an asphalted road leads to the right into the valley. You will reach a car park and the fishponds after 300 m. Bearing left on the forest road (marked in red), the fishponds will be on the left as you pass them (200 m from the car park), and you will reach a junction (marked in red) which leads to the Hocheck. Don’t miss the turn!


From here, a steep path leads up the edge of the mountain, and winds its way up through the pine forest. After a short walk along the ridge, you will reach an altitude of 950 m, where the WWW 404 (yellow and red) branches off to the right. This is the way back. At the fork in the road, follow the signs for “Hocheck” (red). After 400 m, and some stony and rocky spots, you will reach the summit and the observation tower (F. Meryinger Warte lookout post). H = 1,037 m.


The Schutzhaus Hocheck inn is directly below the summit.


On the return route, start by following the ascent path for 400 m, back to the intersection at 950 m above sea level. Then make a sharp left turn and follow the WWW 404 route (marked with a sign reading “Kaumberg Ort via Hochriegel – Araburg (4 h)”, yellow and red route) steeply downhill. After a flat ridge and a small ascent, the path again leads steeply downhill to the saddle pass with the “Red Cross” H = 723 m. (From here, it is possible to turn right towards Höfnergraben, then left towards Harras and Furth).


The ridge hike continues straight ahead, and tackles the constant ups and downs of six further elevations. (On the route south of the Hochriegel: pay attention to the markings (404, red arrow, “Bannwald”) and make a sharp right turn!).


After a playing field, you will come to a saddle pass with blue signs for “Annaquelle, Laabachtal, Kaumberg”. (The red and green signs point towards Veigelkogel and Araburg).


Follow the blue signs to go down into Kaumberg. Cross the slope to reach the forest road. Go down the mountain by following the blue arrows to the left. After a slight bend to the left, do not miss the turn-off to the right into a trench (the path and markings are somewhat overgrown). Alternatively, take the forest road a little further downhill. At the lowest point (20 m before a sharp left bend), a forest road branches off to the right and into the trench. These trenches in the forest lead to meadows at the edge of the forest. The route then takes you through a wooded area and onto a forest road that leads down to the Laabach stream (shortly before the “Annaquelle” in the trench). Then head out of the valley and back to the starting point.


A2 southern motorway, exit for Leobersdorf; Hainfelder Bundesstrasse B 18 to Kaumberg; turn left into the town, and park in the main square (Hauptplatz).


Car park in the direct vicinity of the town hall on Hauptplatz (Markt 3).

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ÖK 25 V, Nr. 75 Puchberg am Schneeberg, M 1:25:000 ÖK 25 V, Nr. 57 Neulengbach, M 1:25:000 Wanderkarte Kaumberg: Froschweg, Hahnweg, Burgweg, Hirschweg, Fuchsweg; erhältlich am Gemeindeamt, bzw. frei entnehmbar bei Infotafel am Hauptplatz

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