Hiking route from Bauernhaus (farm house) Hochschlag

Elevation profile

14,94 km length

Tour dates
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Route: 14,94 km
  • Ascent: 719 egm
  • Descent: 720 egm
  • Duration: 4:30 h
  • Lowest point: 679 m
  • Highest point:1.285 m
  • Round tour
  • Nice views
  • With refreshment stops

Details for: Königsbergrunde



Beautiful view onto the mountains Gamsstein, Großer Buchstein, Hochschwab und Hochkar. On the return, the harder part is equipped with ropes.


Starting point of the tour

Bauernhaus (farm house) Hochschlag

Destination point of the tour

Bikepark Königsberg, GH Jagersberger

Route description Königsbergrunde

The "Alpine route" onto the Kitzhütte (cabin) starts at the car park below the farmhouse Hochschlag (780 m). The trail crosses the "double lift" and moves above the "single lift" onto the Königsberg. Past the mouth of a forest road, the path leads up to the "Thomasberger Boden" (meadow). The path climbs now again steeper through the forest and crosses on a more flat surface over to a broad saddle directly on the cutting edge of the mountain (1284 m, 1 1/2 hours). From the Kitzhütte (cabin), one can hike to seven different cabins (managed (with refreshments) cabins, from June to October open). Then, the way on the forest road leads down to the Eisgrabensattel (mountain saddle). At the Eisgrabensattel (980 m), a forest road branches off to the right and continues almost 2 km above the Sandgraben, horizontal initially, however ending with a gently fall to a striking mountain area (900 m). Here begins a Jagdsteig (ascent), which turns immediately to the North and briefly descends through dense mountain forests, later slightly rises and crosses the extremely steep slopes to a deep ditch. The steeply falling canyon is overcome on a narrow, horizontal Grasband (supporting rope!). Later, a steep rock forces once again for a short descent, which requires increased surefootedness. The marked way is now below the ruins of the House Hinterhochau downhill (be careful, grazing livestock!) with a short, steep descent to the forest road. Follow the forest road about 200 m down to the left turn, where to the right a rising road (Kö-lift III marked) continues, later to become a walkway, leading up to the mouth of a slightly increasing forest road. This road leads at the former Hof (estate) Hochscheuch (837 m) past wide mountain pastures. Further below, a path branches off to right, which soon joins with the Königsbergstraße (street). On this street continue for about 400 metres up back to the starting point of the hike.


A1 Exit Oed - direction Aschbach/Markt - on the B 121 direction Waidhofen/Ybbs - in Waidhofen move onto the B 31 direction Opponitz - continue on the B 31 to Hollenstein - Königsberglifte - Bauernhaus Hochschlag


parking lot beneath the Bauernhauses (farm house) Hochschlag (780 m)

More info/links

Gemeindeamt Hollenstein

Walcherbauer 2

3343 Hollenstein/Ybbs

Tel. +43 (0) 7445/218 21

Fax +43 (0) 7445/218 24




Gute Trekkingschuhe

Safety information

Surefootedness is required, and on the way back is the hard part fixed with ropes.

Map recommendations

Mostviertel Tourismus, Töpperschloss Neubruck, Neubruck 2/10, 3283 Scheibbs, T +43/7482/204 44, info@mostviertel.at, www.mostviertel.at/prospekte

Author's tip

Am 1. Sonntag im August findet immer eine Almmesse statt.

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