Alpenhotel Gösing - Hintere Tormäuer - Lassingfall - Wienerbruck

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  • Nehézség: közepes
  • Útvonal: 8,62 km
  • Emelkedő 328 Hm
  • Lejtés: 426 Hm
  • Időtartam: 3:30 h
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  • Legmagasabb pont: 897 m
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Részletek: Alpenhotel Gösing - Hintere Tormäuer - Lassingfall - Wienerbruck

Rövid leírás

The scenically impressive “Gösingrunde” (Gösing route) leads through an enchanted forest, following the gushing Erlauf river, and to the imposing Lassingfall waterfall as a highlight!


Whether you are coming from St. Pölten or Mariazell, you will start your tour with a ride on the historic “Himmelstreppe” train to Gösing. The trail starts directly below the “Alpenhotel Gösing” hotel and leads you downhill through an enchanted forest all the way to Erlaufboden. After a short stretch along the road, the impressive Hintere Tormäuer begin – they are the gorges formed by the turquoise-blue Erlauf river. Following the river, you will reach the Wienerbruck power plant after a bit more than one hour. A quick visit to the show power plant is definitely worth your while! With the Lassingfall waterfall always within eye- and earshot, you have to climb about 170 metres of altitude on the former paths of the woodcutters and through rock caves until you reach the Wienerbruck reservoir where you can take a break at the “Seegasthaus”, the lake-side inn.

A túra kiinduló pontja

Gösing railway station

A túra végállomása

Ötscher Base Nature Park Centre

Utak leírása Alpenhotel Gösing - Hintere Tormäuer - Lassingfall - Wienerbruck

Take the Mariazell railway to Gösing and then follow the path below the Alpenhotel Gösing to Erlaufboden (approx. 2 kilometres and 340 m downhill). The last stretch leads along an asphalt road to the Erlaufboden nature park entrance. Then follow the hiking trail along the Erlauf towards the Wienerbruck power station (approx. 1.5 hours). At the crossroads, do not go into the Ötschergräben but turn left over the bridge to the power station and then follow the path uphill to the left of the power station in the direction of Wienerbruck (approx. 1 hour and 220 m).


Coming from Linz: Motorway A1; exit Ybbs; direction Wieselburg and Scheibbs (approx. 1.5 h from Linz).

Coming from Vienna: A1 motorway; exit St. Pölten through the Pielach valley (approx. 1.5 h from Vienna)

From Styria: Coming from Graz: S35 in the direction of Leoben as far as the Bruck/Mur junction, B116 as far as Kapfenberg, B20 in the direction of Mariazell


Paid parking is available at the Ötscher base - €5/day. The income from parking is used for the upkeep of the nature park. (only coin payment possible at parking machines).

Mariazellerbahn Railway from St.Pölten or Mariazell to Wienerbruck-Josefsberg

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Kraftwerk Wienerbruck am Stierwaschboden:


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  • The Wienerbruck power plant at the Stierwaschboden is open to visitors. Visit the impressive turbine hall or book a guided hike incl. power plant tour under 02728/ 21 100 or
  • Combine your excursion with a stay at the Alpenhotel Gösing. The traditional 4-star hotel impresses not only with its location but above all with what it has to offer. Details can be found at http://www.gö

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