Bio Produkte im Genuss Platz´l


The Genuss Platz'l is an organic grocer in the center of Lunz am See.

An affordable assortment of valuable and regional products is offered here. Delicious organic fruit and vegetables are lined up with vegan and animal-free cosmetics and hygiene products.
Household items, handmade textiles or even colorful tableware can be found at Genuss Platz'l. The family-run business offers various juices and alcoholic beverages, oils and vinegars, spices, teas and alternatives for allergy sufferers, as well as fresh sausage, meat, fish and cheese products.

A special feature in our region is the sale of the popular Waldviertler shoes and other clothing.

Farmers' markets are also organized on a regular basis with delicacies from local farmers and other businesses.

Current dates can be found on the homepage.

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