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Lackenhof am Ötscher 3D archery course

Outdoor adventure

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Accurate in the 3D bow course

Have you already spotted the ibex on the rock or the bear behind the next tree? On the 3D bow tour around the Ötscher, the motto is: keep your ears and eyes open! Always keep your bow cocked and get into shooting position. An archery course like this is not for the faint-hearted!

This year, the 3D archery course once again offers numerous innovations for beginners, families and professionals to go hunting with bow and arrow.

There are over 50 3D targets to hit on the new, completely revised route. The two main routes "Eibenkogl" and "Fuchswald" have been divided into two smaller rounds this year, so there are now a total of four smaller rounds available. Note: blue markings in the forest indicate the "Eibenkogl" round, red markings indicate the "Fuchswald" round.

Also new to the 3D archery course is the "Bogenschenke" - a drinks machine that invites you to linger and refresh yourself.

Fun with bow and arrow

52 3D targets are waiting to be hit! To prevent the course from becoming a hurdle race, there is a spacious practice area for all beginners at the beginning. Numerous targets and enough space are available for the shooters to practise.

Groups and beginners can also explore the woods with bows and arrows with trained guides by appointment.


Prices for our 3D archery course can be found here:
Tickets can be purchased in the online shop.

Opening hours: 

The archery course is open from 1 May to October from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Rental times:

Bow and arrow rental takes place during lift operating hours. You will find it at the lift cash desk in Weitental near the umbrella bar!

Exception: pre-registered groups can rent bows and arrows before 27 May 2023. Send your request right here: Group request for bow and arrow rental.

Tip: With the "Wilde Wunder Card", entry to the 3D archery course is free. How do you get the card? If you stay at one of the 65 or so Wilde Wunder hosts, you get the card for free when you check in.


  • Individual:
    Day ticket for children up to 15 years: 5,00 € Adolescents & adults: 10,00 € Rental equipment: 15,00 € Arrow breakage/loss per arrow: 5,00 € Season ticket (valid from May to the end of October): chrildren 40,00 €, adolescents & adults 80,00 € We accept the Wild Wunder Card!

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