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Ötscher (summit)

Mountain summit, Scenic lookout


The 1,893 meter high, striking Ötscher is the landmark of the Mostviertel. It is also the highest panoramic mountain in western Lower Austria. From the summit you can even see 1/3 of Austria.

Mostviertel: Lilienfeld, Scheibbs
Mountains: Northern Limestone Alps, Ybbstaler Alps, Lassingalpen (Trimmel)

Discover the Rauhen Kamm by video.

On the Ötscher plateau there is still the 1,849 meter high Taubenstein and about two kilometers southwest of the Ötscher summit the 1,552 meter high Kleiner Ötscher.
The mountain massif lies in the Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park.

Trails on and around the Ötscher
The most comfortable ascent to the 1,893-meter-high peak is from Lackenhof with the double chairlift to the top station, where the Ötscherschutzhaus (1,418 m) is also located. Via the wide West-Buckel it is then about 1.5 hours to the summit.

Other tours:

    Ötscher mountain tour from Nestelbergsäge to Lackenhof, difficult hike, duration approx. 5.30h.
    Ötscher-Rundwanderweg, a hiking trail that can be completed in seven to 10 stages. Here the whole history of the Ötscher and its surroundings is hiked in a few days. Starting point is the train station Laubenbachmühle.
    Hiking tour from Lackenhof, village center to Schindlhütte, Lackenhof - Ötscher stalactite cave - Schindlhütte, duration approx. 3h.
    Tour Lackenhof - Ötscherschutzhaus - Ötschergipfel, duration approx. 3.5h.

Winter at the Ötscher
In Lackenhof am Ötscher is the most famous skiing area of the Ötscherland. From the end of the village a double chair lift leads to the Ötscherschutzhaus, at an altitude of 1,410 m, also in winter a popular stop for skiers and tourers.
Snow guaranteed from December to March

Around the Ötscher
South of the Ötscher lie the Ötschergräben. Majestic limestone landscapes, caves and waterfalls like the Mirafall make the hiker's heart beat faster.
Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park, with fabulous views of the Ötscher, the Treffling Falls or the Ötscher Dripstone Cave.
Many more excursion destinations and tips around the Ötscher


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