Full of tradition: Cross-country skiing in Lackenhof

For more than 60 years already, Lackenhof am Ötscher has been known for its winter sports – on slopes, but also on cross-country ski tracks.

Lots of forests, plenty of snow and magnificent views of Mt. Ötscher: People in Lackenhof understood how to create a first-class cross-country skiing area with these promising ingredients.

The town situated at the foot of Mt. Ötscher has a long tradition as a winter sports resort: In 1955 already – when the former woodworker's settlement had only had electrical light for four years – an electrically operated lift was going up the Kleiner Ötscher. Most other ski resorts in the east of the country only followed this example a good ten years later!

Things that make cross-country skiers happy

As a sports resort with great tradition, Lackenhof of course also knows exactly what cross-country skiers want. For instance, a cross-country ski track network that is as varied as possible, featuring easy tracks for beginners (e.g. the so-called "Mandlboden" track) as well as cream-of-the-crop tracks (such as the "Ötscherblick" track) for the particularly ambitious athletes. But also rustic huts for a nice little break (such as the Mandlboden mountain hut) and well-assorted ski rentals (Lackenhof even has two of those) make cross-country skiers happy.

For sporty cross-country skiers, Lackenhof offers a permanent FIS-homologated race course at the training centre on the Ötscherwiese.

Gliding and trudging

Lackenhof's cross-country ski track network is about 30 km long, 22 km of which are also groomed for skaters. Most recently, the cross-country skiing experience was improved even further: Existing tracks were broadened, changing rooms and toilet facilities as well as a dispenser for drinks and snacks were built and contribute to an even more convenient and enjoyable cross-country skiing experience in the Lackenhof cross-country skiing centre.

Those who want to discover the well-forested surroundings and beautiful views of Mt. Ötscher without skis under their feet can leisurely trudge through the lovely area on two permanently sign-posted snow-shoeing trails. Snowshoes can be rented from the local sports shops.

Cross-country skiing area Lackenhof