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Culinary festivities in the Mostviertel

Celebrating the rich Mostviertel nature throughout the year.

Bon appetit: The regional delicacies of Mostviertel are lovingly served on plates or in glasses, and they are even celebrated in great kirtags and festivities.

It’s not hard to guess that the beverage “Most” (perry) has a very special role as the namesake of the region Mostviertel. If you take a look at the Mostviertel festive calendar, you will see there’s obviously always time to celebrate! The beautiful perry tree blossom is uphold during the Most Spring Festival in April, around September, inhabitants celebrate the harvesting of thousands of orchards in Mostherbst and when it gets cold in November, they warm themselves with “schnapps”.

Along the Traisen Valley, however, viniculture is held high with festivals and wine tastings from spring to autumn. In September, the Pielach Valley, becomes a hotspot for all food conneisseurs: The rare Cornelian cherry is celebrated during the Pielachtaler Dirndlkirtag.

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