Fruit from the Mostviertel region, ©

Specialties from the Mostviertel region

The Mostviertel region is a culinary treasury.

Numerous regional delicacies thriving in the unique Mostviertel nature serve as select ingredients for the diverse Mostviertel kitchen.

For centuries, the Mostviertel nature has set the table with rich gifts. So it doesn’t wonder that its inhabitants know how to get the best out of its typical specialities harvested in the gardens, forests and rivers of the region.

While watching fruit-growers and winemakers in their everyday work, their closeness to nature becomes obvious. Thanks to their commitment, Mostviertel’s orchards and vineyards offer a wide range of mild perries, the typical fruit ciders of Mostviertel, top-notch wines and fruit juices, the most prominent among them hanging on Cornelian cherry dogwood and wild service tree.

In combination with these drinks, Mostviertel hosts serve sheep’s milk cheese, trout, char and game delicacies, of course, all raised and produced in the region. To put it in a nutshell, hundreds of reasons for tasting full life in Mostviertel!