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Wilde Wunder Card

A wealth of free experiences: Exclusively at your Wilde Wunder accommodation provider.

Wanna explore the wild wonders around the high pinnacles of Ötscher, Hochkar, Gemeindealpe and Mariazell? The "Wilde Wunder Card" is a good choice to profit from free tickets to exciting mountain experiences in the southern Mostviertel.

Families can save up to 1,000 euros while visiting Mostviertel Alps and Mariazellerland - by using the "Wilde Wunder Card", which offers free tickets to numerous excursion destinations, culinary delights, adventure programs and – last but not least – free lift cards. On the whole, this free service card includes entries to over 50 sights in the alpine Mostviertel. The "Wilde Wunder Card" is valid for the whole family during your stay within the period May-November.

Let yourself get inspired by multifarious adventures!

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