Ybbstal Cycle Path (Ybbstalradweg), © schwarz-koenig.at

Ybbstal Cycle Path: River cycling along Ybbs river

Family-friendly, delightful, particularly safe and versatile: The Ybbstal Cycle Path (Ybbstalradweg) is the highlight of the Mostviertel cycle path network.

Keep following Ybbs river, from the Danube to the mountain lake: The Ybbstal Cycle Path is 107 km long and provides you with magnificent nature and cycling experiences. Especially well-suited for families and connoisseurs is the centrepiece of the path between Waidhofen an der Ybbs und Lunz am See.

First, the path takes you through the gentle hills of perry pear country continuing through the more alpine region of the "Eisenstraße" (Iron Road): On its 107 km, the Ybbstal Cycle Path not only connects the Danube with the refreshing Lake Lunz but also the mild with the wild sides of the Mostviertel region.

Experiencing water and nature

Especially the 55 km of the Ybbstal Cycle Path that represent its core section between Waidhofen an der Ybbs and Lunz am See make the leisurely cyclist's heart beat faster. But this is not because there is a particularly large number of uphill challenges to master, quite the contrary: The route follows the railroad bed of the former Ybbstal Railway Line – completely flat, far from motor traffic but always very close to the river.
This cycle path is a special gem combining the art of elegant routing with spectacular landscapes. You will cross picturesque round arch bridges and ride through a short tunnel, pass a wild yet romantic gorge, enjoy the sun and crystal-clear water on quiet sandbanks, come across historical hammer mills – and specially designed rest areas are lining the path and invite you to take a break.

Family cycle path with mobility offer

No gradients to climb, a model of safe routing and plenty of options for eating and drinking as well as swimming: The core section of the Ybbstal Cycle Path is a sheer cycling paradise for families. And as a special treat at the end of this section, Lake Lunz invites you to relax, go for a swim or take a boat ride. Getting back to where you started from is easy with the so-called ”Radtramper” – the bicycle hitchhiker's bus – and the Ybbstal bicycle taxi.

Cycle path combinations along the Ybbstal Cycle Path

The Ybbstal Cycle Path offers cyclists a lot of possible combinations with other cycle paths in the Mostviertel region and surroundings and with this promises a varied and worthwhile cycling holiday.

One more tip

Book your accommodation on time in advance! The team of the Mostviertel Tourist Board is happy to assist you (info@mostviertel.at).