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Eisenwurzen Nature Reserve Lower Austria

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The Lower Austrian Eisenwurzen Nature Park is located near Hollenstein/Ybbs. Here you hike to wooded gorges, primeval forest remains, waterfalls, over flowery forest moors and lovely alpine meadows to rocks and peaks. The animal world is extremely diverse. In addition to native wildlife species, rare woodpeckers, capercaillie cocks, alpine salamanders and butterflies such as the Apollo butterfly live in the nature park. The Promau hill is home to one of the largest ant colonies in Europe, and the colony is strictly protected.

In "Spitzhiatls Wasserwelt" visitors large and small explore the flora and fauna of the mountain stream, observe microorganisms under the microscope and determine the water quality on the basis of water samples. Other attractions are the Wentstein Hammer and the Treffenguthammer with the Nature Park Centre and the Hammer Forge, where you can watch forging or practice forging.

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    Naturpark Eisenwurzen

    Gemeinde Hollenstein

    Walcherbauer 2
    3343 Hollenstein an der Ybbs

    Telefon: +43 7445 2180


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