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Lilienfeld Cistercian Abbey

Church, Monastery / abbey, Museum

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  • Natur im Garten
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In this day and age, tranquillity and time are the most precious goods. Both can be experienced like a godsend while taking a stroll through the medieval cloister, the well house or the yards of Lilienfeld Abbey. Austria's largest medieval monastery complex looks back on 800 years of history.

The baroque library is home to 40,000 books, more than 200 medieval manuscripts including rarities from the 14th century and numerous works from the early days of letterpress printing telling countless stories of an eventful history right in the heart of Europe. The padres and the abbey shop are looking forward to your visit.

You can choose between standard and experience guided tours. The experience guided tours provide a tangible insight into the life of a monk tailored to children, teenagers and school classes. Insiders’ tip: Combine your visit at Lilienfeld Abbey with a trip to Muckenkogel mountain or the Zdarsky museum of skiing, or attend one of the cultural events or the special tours on different topics at Lilienfeld Abbey.

  • Can be reached with public transportation
  • to the next train station: 0.5 km
  • to the pilgrimage route "Wiener Wallfahrerweg": 30 km
  • to the city center: 0.1 km
  • to the pilgrimage route "Via Sacra": 0 km

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