On pilgrimage, © weinfranz.at

Finding yourself: Pilgrimaging in the Mostviertel region

Many roads lead to Mariazell as going on pilgrimage is an old Mostviertel tradition.

In recent days, making a pilgrimage experienced a renaissance. As the Mostviertel has been a holy ground for centuries, several recognised pilgrimage paths pass through its picturesque scenery.

I’m off! For many people, going on a pilgrimage is a welcome time-out from today’s daily routine. While walking on a way to themselves, pilgrims often come across mystic resting places: Embedded in a wild-romantic countryside, the wayside shrines, crucifixes and chapels, create a calm ambience.

The two most popular pilgrimage paths leading through the Mostviertel are the Way of St. James and Via Sacra, connecting Austria’s capital Vienna with the famous pilgrimage site Mariazell Basilica. If you want to do more individual journey, you can also explore one of our local pilgrimage paths leading to hidden sacral treasures. Take a step back, come down and wend your way through the Mostviertel to Mariazell.

Pilgrimage trails in the Mostviertel