Hiking throug the Ötscher Gorges, © weinfranz.at

Nature & Hiking

Throughout the year, the Mostviertel presents its varied countryside.

Life’s a journey, not a destination: While walking along narrow paths, jaunty rivers and woody areas, you discover rare plants and wild animals. Enjoy every minute of it!

The Mostviertel offers various opportunities for going on hiking tours or for relaxing on a hut: In spring, thousands and thousands of orchards turn the rolling countryside along Perry Road into a bright sea of white blossoms. The Mostviertel mountains offer great views of snowy valleys in winter and spend refreshment on hot days in summer. During a pilgrimage along the rivers Traisen, Ybbs or Erlauf, one experiences a welcome time-out from daily life.

In autumn, the primeval forests near Dürrenstein and St. Aegyd am Neuwalde show themselves in all colours. The three Mostviertel nature parks are waiting with adventures for the whole family. At numerous excursion destinations along the hiking tours, one gains an insight in nature, culture and history of the region.

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