Autumn in the Mostviertel

The rich Mostviertel garden presents itself as a sea of warm colours: It is the season of harvesting fruits and celebrating them in traditional funfairs, the “Kirtags”.

Especially in autumn, the nature of the Mostviertel region shows itself from its most beautiful side and tempts its visitors to autumn hikes and cycle tours.

In autumn, the Mostviertel is covered by a vivid dress: Golden yellow, crimson and maroon leaves adorn woods, orchards and vineyards. Convey the full elegance of Mostviertel nature while travelling by foot, by bike or by train.

Autumn is the time of harvest

It is the time when Mostviertel gardens produce a good crop of fruits: Now, people like to taste the first light, sweetish perries during the events of Mostherbst. New wines are presented during Weinherbst. Gourmands have a nibble of various regional delicacies at the typical farmer markets and during the “Kirtags”, which are traditionally held in this season. Especially recommendable is the Kirtag of Pielach Valley (Pielachtaler Dirndlkirtag), where the small Cornelian cherries are offered in all imaginable varieties – from Dirndl jams to Dirndl vinegars.

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